9.1 Introduction

The Magnolia neighborhood is predominantly rural, located in mountainous foothills, a 20 to 30 minute drive southwest of Boulder. Population growth in this and neighboring regions is slowly putting pressure on the modest, existing transportation infrastructure. The primary issues require balancing safe, efficient, environmentally sensitive transportation while preserving the rural and natural attributes of the area.

Public roads within the MEPP Planning Area are constructed and maintained by the Boulder County Department of Transportation (BCDOT) or the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests (Forest). Forest Roads are primarily four-wheel-drive routes that provide seasonally restricted access to Forest lands and to the western side of Gross Reservoir; Forest Roads are therefore discussed in Section 7.0, Recreation.

BCDOT transportation planning is implemented through a transportation inmporvements program which is updated annually. This program is based upon regular inventories of all facilities and safety issues. Minor planning may also take place in the County site plan and development review processes. Roadway improvements are programmed only after appropriate studies have shown the need for repair, increased safety or carrying capacity.