Appendix 11.2 Forestry Zoning District from Boulder County Land Use Code, Article 4,Section 101


If there is no letter after the use it is allowed by right restricted by specific requirements in the districts or in the use regulations.

A     Special authorization of the Building Official
I     Limited impact special use review
L     Location and extent review
R     Review under areas and activities of state interest regulations
S     Special use review

4-101 Forestry (F) District

(A) Purpose

Rural areas established for the purpose of efficiently using land to conserve forest resources, protect the natural environment, and preserve open areas.

(B) Principal Uses Permitted

  1. Agribusiness Uses
    Keeping of Nondomestic Animals (S)
  2. Agricultural Uses
    Commercial Nursery (S)
    Intensive Agricultural Uses (S)
    Open Agricultural Uses
  3. Commercial/Business Service Uses
    Kennel (S)
  4. Forestry Uses
  5. Industrial Uses
    Saw Mill (S)
    Solid Waste Transfer Facility (S)
  6. Institutional Uses (6/26/97)
    Group Care or Foster Home (S)
    Educational Facility (S) (November 13, 1997)
    Use of Community Significance (S)
  7. Lodging Uses
    Bed and Breakfast (S)
    Campground (S)
    Resort Lodge, Conference Center, or Guest Ranch (S)
  8. Mining Uses
    Limited Impact Open Mining (I)
    Oil and Gas Drilling and Production, on subdivided land
    Oil and Gas Drilling and Production, on unsubdivided land
    Open Mining (S)
    Subsurface Mining (I), (S)
    Subsurface Mining of Uranium (S)
  9. Office Uses
    None Permitted
  10. Recreation Uses
    Golf Course (S)
    Membership Club (S)
    Outdoor Recreation, for day use (S)
    Livery or Horse Rental Operation (S)
    Outdoor Recreation, for night use (S)
    Park and/or Playfield, for day use
    Park and/or Playfield, for night use (S)
    Public Swimming Pool and Recreation Center (S)
    Ski Area (S)
    Riding Academy
  11. Residential Uses
    Single Family Dwelling
  12. Retail/Personal Service Uses
    Reception Halls and Community Meeting Facilities (S) (9/5/96)
    Recycling Collection Center, Small (S) (9/5/96)
    Veterinary Clinic, without outdoor holding facilities (S)
  13. Transportation Uses (6/26/97)
    Heliport (S)
    Helistop (S)
    Park and Ride Facility (S)
  14. Utility and Public Service Uses
    Central Office Building of a Telecommunication Company (R)
    Community Cistern (I) (7/17/97)
    Fire Barn (I)
    Fire Station (S)
    Major Facility of a Public Utility (R) (S) (L)
    Public or Quasi-public Facility Other than Listed (S)
    Public Safety Telecommunication Facility (I)
    Sewage or Water Transmission Line (R) (L)
    Sewage Treatment Facility (R) (S) (L)
    Telecommunications Facility, existing structure meeting height requirements
    Telecommunications Facility, new structure or not meeting height requirements (S)
    Utility Service Facility
    Water Reservoir (R) (S)
    Water Tank or Treatment Facility (R) (S)
    Wind Powered Electric Generator (I)
  15. Warehouse Uses
    None Permitted

(C) Accessory Uses Permitted

Accessory Agricultural Retail Sales
Accessory Dwelling (S)
Accessory Horse Keeping
Accessory Outside Storage
Accessory Structure
Grading of more than 500 Cubic Yards(I)
Home Occupation
Household Pets
Noncommercial Telecommunication Site, one structure which meets setback and height requirements
Noncommercial Telecommunication Site, multiple structures and/or not meeting setback or height requirements (I)
Solar Energy System

(D) Temporary Uses Permitted

Emergency Noncommercial Telecommunication Site (A)
Group Gathering (A)
Temporary Batch Plant (A)
Temporary Construction or Sales Office(A)
Temporary Dwelling Unit (A)
Temporary Fireworks Stands and Christmas tree sale lots (I)
Temporary Special Use [nonconforming use under Section 4-1004(A)(2)] (S)

(E) Lot, Building, and Structure Requirements

  1. Minimum lot size...35 acres
  2. Minimum setbacks
  3. Maximum building height

(F) Additional Requirements

  1. Animal units...Two animal units per acre without going through special review
  2. Special review is required for any use which:
  3. Grading involving the movement of more than 500 cubic yards of material (other than normal grading activity associated with agriculture, allowed mining activity, or foundation construction) shall go through limited impact special review.

  4. No parcel shall be used for more than one principal use, except for allowed agricultural uses, mining uses, or any combination thereof.