Land Use Group:

This group's focus is to explore ways to maintain a reasonable balance between the Magnolia area and all of the many diverse characteristics which make living here so pleasurable. We work with Boulder County and the U.S. Forest Service to identify lands important to local wildlife. We act as a watchdog group in the County Building Department's Site Review Process and offer input to the Forest Service's Management Plan Revision.

The Land Use Group identifies ways to encourage careful use and enjoyment of the Magnolia area while minimizing the impact that residents, non-residents, and wildlife have on one another and on the environment.


Fire Mitigation Group:

The goal of the Fire Mitigation Working Group is to educate residents and visitors in the Magnolia area about the realities of fire danger in this fragile forest environment. Periodic reminders regarding home protection, mailings discussing current State and County efforts at fire mitigation, and articles to local and regional papers are just some of the ways we plan to increase awareness of both fire danger and fire safety.

Immediate plans include investigating inconsistencies of the fire bans in previous summers and working for appropriate fire control measures. You can find more information about Fire Danger and Fire Safety here in the PUMA Web Site. If you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact us at puma@magnoliaroad.net.


Transportation Group:

The primary concerns of this group are mapping transportation patterns on U.S. Forest Service lands, making recommendations for appropriate uses. Identifying conflicts and possible resolutions between current uses and preservation.

Information and recommendations on transportation patterns have been provided to the Forest Service for consideration in the revision of their transportation plan for Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest.


Wildlife & Ecosystem Protection Group:

Preservation and enhancement of native animal, bird, and plant species is the focus of this working group. We hope to educate ourselves and others about our natural environment, identify threats to local species and habitat, explore strategies to minimize human impact, and to actively participate in the public planning process of our mountain area.

Human presence, private land use, growth and development, and the increasing demand for public access to our roads and forests are major threats to the fragile environment.

Wildlife inventories and monitoring, and a Comprehensive Biological Survey for the Magnolia area are some of our group's future plans.


Communications Group:

One of PUMA's most important goals is to build a sense of community in the Front Range mountain area. Communication is essential to this process. Thus the formation of a Communications Group and the subsequent publication of the PUMA Newsletter (now in it's 5th issue). Survey questionnaires also contribute to staying attuned to the thoughts and desires of local mountain residents.

Now, with the publication of this PUMA Web Site, we hope to add the World Wide Web as a method of linking our community together, keeping people informed of what we are doing and providing a convenient way to let PUMA know what you think of us, or to add your thoughts on what can be done to preserve and enhance our mountain community.

So feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. You can contact us at zeus@indra.com.